In this article we recommend some best-selling books for those who are beginner in Java programming. If you have no or little programming experience before Java, these books are for you.

The titles included in this review are:


1. Java, A Beginner's Guide

JavaABeginnerGuideAuthor: Herbert Schildt

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Osborne Media

Published Date: August 16th 2011

Paperback: 640 pages

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Content Coverage: Java Fundamentals; Data Types and Operators; Program Control Statements; Classes, Objects and Methods; Inheritance; Packages and Interfaces; Exception Handling; I/O; Multithread Programming; Enumeration, Autoboxing, Static Import and Annotations; Generics; Applets, Events; Introducing Swing.

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2. Sams Teach Yourself Java in 21 Days (Covering Java 7 and Android) (6th Edition)

SamsTeachYourSelfJavaAuthor: Rogers Cadenhead

Publisher: Sams Publishing

Published Date: August 27th 2012

Paperback: 720 pages

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Content Coverage:

Week 1 - The Java Language: The ABCs of Programming; Working with Objects; Lists, Logic and Loops; Creating Classes and Methods; Packages, Interfaces, and Other Class Features; Exceptions and Threads.

Week 2 - The Java Class Library: Data Structures; Working with Swing; Building a Swing Interface; Arranging Components on a User Interface; Responding to User Input; Creating Java2D Graphics; Developing Swing Applications.

Week 3 - Java Programming: Working with Input and Output; Serializing and Examining Objects; Communicating Across the Internet; Accessing Databases with JDBC 4.1 and Derby; Reading and Writing RSS Feeds; XML Web Services; Writing Android Apps for Java.

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3. Beginning Programming with Java For Dummies (3rd Edition)

JavaForDummiesAuthor: Barry Burd

Publisher: For Dummies

Published Date: April 10th 2012

Paperback: 456 pages

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Content Coverage:

Part 1 - Revving Up: Getting Started; Setting Up Your Computer; Running Programs.

Part 2 - Writing Your Own Java Programs: Exploring the Parts of a Program; Composing a Program; Using the Building Blocks: Variables, Values and Types; Numbers and Types.

Part 3 - Controlling the Flow: If-Then-Else statements; Switch statement; Using a Conditional Operator; Using Loops (While Loop and For Loop).

Part 4 - Using Program Units: Using Loops and Arrays; Programming with Objects and Classes; Using Methods and Variables; Swing: The Java Swing Classes; Using Eclipse’s WindowBuilder; Adding Stuff to Your Frame; Taking Action.

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4. Introduction to Java Programming, Comprehensive Version (9th Edition)

IntroductionToJavaAuthor: Y. Daniel Liang

Publisher: Prentice Hall

Published Date: March 12th 2012

Paperback: 1344 pages

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Content Coverage: Introduction to Computers, Programs, and Java; Elementary Programming; Selections (Data Types, Flow Control statements); Loops; Methods; Arrays; Objects and Classes; Strings; Thinking in Objects; Inheritance and Polymorphism; GUI Basics; Graphics; Exception Handling and Text I/O; Abstract Classes and Interfaces; Event-Driven Programming; GUI Components; Applets and Multimedia; Binary I/O; Recursion.

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